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Hi and thanks for visiting my website.  My name is Kathy Sing.  I live in Visalia, California; in between Fresno and Bakersfield.  I have been married for 28 years to my husband, Richie, and have two amazing boys — Kenny 25 and Kevin 21.

Kathy’s Kernels became a reality in the beginning of 2014 with the vision of my younger son, Kevin, and the business and design smarts of my oldest son, Kenny.  Without them, Kathy’s Kernels would never have come to fruition.  Thank you boys; I love you!

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Easter is April 1st and that’s no April Fool’s Joke!

Can you believe we have been through January and February already?! Now it’s the beginning of March and before you know it, we will be celebrating Easter on April 1st – that’s no April Fool’s joke!

I have added my Easter variety of caramel corn on the website – Kathy’s Original with Easter pastel M&M’s and white chocolate drizzle – A perfect addition to your Easter baskets ๐Ÿ™‚ Various retail outlets will have this variety or you can order through my website.

Have a wonderful March and always keep it sweet!



Today I celebrate 4 years in business! These four years have been some of the best years of my life. The people I have met, friends and people I don’t even know support me, retail store owners who have believed in me and my product, and my family who are a big part of my success and the reason I even started this journey.

I am in awe that this has lasted four years, and as long as you all keep buying it, I will continue on this crazy ride!

Thank you to my son Kevin who started me thinking about starting up a small business, my son Kenny who helps me in ways no one knows, and my husband who has to deal with a kitchen that isn’t always the easiest to get around in. And to my friend, Lynn, who actually had the vision of us both making candy one day. Our dreams have come true.

Thank you again everyone! Here’s to another year!



NEW VARIETY – Popcorn Extravaganza! If you like SWEET n SALTY – than you will love this combination of Kathy’s Original caramel corn along with cashews, pretzels and ruffled potato chips, drizzled with plenty of dark and white chocolate! A party in your mouth for sure!

If you are wanting to place an order for Valentine’s Day be sure to do so no later than February 8th. Retail stores are also stocked.

Enjoy and hope you like the new variety of caramel corn ๐Ÿ™‚


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